Vacation Ideas in Ronchi Dei Legionari

Vacation Ideas in Ronchi Dei Legionari



Going on vacation is about getting away from the daily grind and getting rid of the routine of our ordinary lives. Therefore it is important that they are organized as well as possible. So we have organized some vacation ideas in Ronchi Dei Legionari.

The first step for sure is to find a place with fabulous and soothing views. In order to get rid of accumulated stress as soon as possible. Thankfully the view at Ronchi Dei Legionari is truly unforgettable.                                                                                           

The second step is to find the most suitable hotel and for this, we are very proud to announce that Hotel Major offers you the comfort you want along with fantastic views and reasonable prices. 

Finally, the third step that is also one of the most important is to plan the activities that we will carry out during our holidays. Therefore since we take care of you and the good going of your vacations, we have created a list of some vacation ideas in Ronchi Dei Legionari that you can do during your stay at our hotel.

Windsurf and kitesurfKitesurfing

Maria Julia Beach in Monfalcone, just a 17-minute drive from Hotel Major, is one of the best beaches in the Adriatic to practice wind sports, thanks to the constant presence of wind on the beach. Therefore on this beach, you can practice Windsurfing and Kitesurfing depending on your liking. And it isn’t a problem if you haven’t done these sports before because on the beach there are professionals who provide courses for beginners.

Alpe Adria TrailAlpe Adria Trail

Friuli Venezia Giulia always carries beautiful surprises as this part of Italy is described by a mountain range that starts from Austria and goes all the way to Slovenia. We are talking about Alpe-Adria-Trail, a range of 750 km where there are many natural beauties such as the river Isonza, the valley of Nation and artistic tows such as Cividale del Friuli, Cormons and Gradisca d’Isonzo with many opportunities for cultural and gastronomic tourism.

BeachesGrado, Lignano Sabbiadoro or Golfo di Tirestre

You can choose between Grado, Lignano Sabbiadoro or Golfo di Tireste to spend your vacations by the sea. Hotel Major is located in a very favourable point to enable you to make the perfect vacation near the best beaches of the Adriatic coast located just a few km away.

Cycling Tourism

The hotel is equipped with large spaces and guarded parking for bicycles, charging stations for electric bicycles. And without a doubt, thanks to the favourable terrain in which Hotel Major is located, you can enjoy the many paths where you can enjoy the beauty that the wonderful nature has to give you by keeping your body in shape, having fun and without creating pollution for the environment.

Natural History Museum of TriesteNatural History Museum of Trieste

Not far from Trieste, in the former quarry between Duino and Villaggio del Pescatore, the perfectly preserved skeleton of a dinosaur, Antonio, was unearthed in 1994. The fossil is now in the Natural History Museum of Trieste, along with many other fossils from the same area



The Giant Cave

This spectacular karst cave is one of the most visited places in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a huge cavity about 100 m high, 168 m long and 76 m wide and with a volume of 365,000 cubic meters. The visit includes a path of 850 meters, going down to a depth of 100 meters. Inside the temperature is constant and is equal to 11 ° C. Access is allowed only with a guide.

The Gorizia Karst Tour

In the uncontaminated Karst passing through Doberdò, which hosts one of the few examples in Europe of a karst lake and San Martino del Carso. A very small hamlet in the municipality di Sagrado. Completely destroyed in the First World War, known to all thanks to the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti’s verses

The osmizeThe osmize

Typical of the territory and unique in their kind. The osmize are places where local wines and typical products are sold and consumed directly in the cellars of the producing farmers. Theresa of Austria and the open ones are still today marked with a branch in plain sight.

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