Golfo of Trieste

Golfo of Trieste: sea, culture, nature and  sport.

We at Hotel Major want to make sure that your vacation is as pleasant as possible and that you have fun while staying at our Hotel. And you can always check our blog to get some vacation ideas while you stay at our hotel. And Golfo di Trieste it’s less than 15 minutes away from Hotel Major, So you can enjoy every bit of Golfo di Trieste.

In the Golfo of Trieste, it is possible to indulge in water sports, enter hidden bays and coves to relax in the sun in wild and uncontaminated natural contexts, sail under the Castles of Duino and Miramare, explore marine biodiversity by immersing yourself in the protected area of ​​Miramare or below. the Duino cliffs, try the experience of a day at the beach in a historic bath near the city of Trieste just like the local inhabitants

In the Golfo of Trieste, the offer of beaches is absolutely astonishing: from Marina Julia to Muggia. A new experience and a different context every day.

For lovers of wind sports, the perfect beach is Marina Julia, the wind spot where you can juggle kitesurfing and windsurfing. The bay of Sistiana welcomes families with well-equipped establishments, is much loved by young people looking for fun thanks to the various seafront clubs that animate the bay in the evening, and offers an area with exclusive services related to the beach and wellness in the village of Portopiccolo. Free beaches along the coastal road, real natural paradises still uncontaminated reachable only on foot through paths and near Trieste there are the historic baths of Barcola, paved beaches, all different from each other, which contain history and traditions such as the Mickey Mouse, Pedocin the Ausonia bath.

Golfo of Trieste

Riding the waves in Marina Julia

Windspot of excellence, Marina Julia represents the paradise of kitesurfers and windsurf lovers thanks to its optimal conditions such as the bura blowing in the side on direction ensuring safety and the shallow water, suitable for both beginners and professionals who want to dabble in acrobatics.

Sailing along

Sailing represents one of the excellences of the Golfo of Trieste: starting from sailing courses for young people and children within historic sailing companies, tourist ports or promoted by sports associations in the bays up to international competitions such as the Barcolana, a regatta that it takes place every year on the second Sunday of October and sees the Golfo of Trieste colored with white sails unfurled in the wind.

Exploring the seabed within the natural reserves of the Golfo of Trieste

In the Golfo of Trieste, it is possible to practice snorkeling and diving within the Miramare Protected Area and the Duino Cliffs Reserve, at the foot of the famous castles. The territory offers a very interesting marine biodiversity, which can also be explored within the BIOMA, the immersive museum of the protected area of ​​Miramare

Active holiday in the Golfo of Trieste between wind, sea and rock

SUP tour to admire the spectacle of Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste from a unique perspective, canoe excursion paddling under the Duino castle, boat rentals without a license to admire the castles directly from the coast … these are just some of the possibilities to experience the sea in an active way!

Just go a few meters towards the hinterland to discover the rocky limestone plateau of the Karst: with its sinkholes, caves, paths carved into the rock by the wind and the white cliffs overlooking the sea, it represents a paradise for lovers of trekking, mountain biking and climbing

Meetings of cultures and flavors.

Thanks to its border position overlooking the sea, The Golfo of Trieste represents a place of exchange and meeting par excellence of many cultures. From the Romans to the Venetians to the Austrians to the Slovenian neighbors! This mixture of influences has produced a unique combination of its kind that is reflected in the cultural richness of Trieste, The central European capital par excellence, in art, architecture but also in the magical seaside villages of Muggia and Duino. The food and wine offer also tells the story of many traditions ranging from fish prepared according to ancient recipes to the variety of meat and legume dishes to the products of the land and typical wines with unique flavors

Hotel Major is only 6 minutes away from Trieste Airport.

Hotel Major Ronchi dei Legionari

From the Trieste Airport take Via Aquileia/SS14 and SS677 to Via Pietro Micca and then turn right to stay on Via Pietro Micca. Continue straight and then turn left, turn left again and Hotel Major will be on the right.

In our Hotel, in addition to hospitality, you will find a restaurant, a gym and a conference room to meet your highest requirements. The restaurant serves delicious food. Our chefs cook respecting those who have food intolerances. You will also find rooms suitable for your every need. As family rooms, business rooms as well as standard rooms. You are always welcome in Hotel Major every time you visit Trieste.

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